About Us

The Past | Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation

Established in 1935 during the Japanese occupation, today’s Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park started out as a paper factory. In 1959 the company became a state-owned enterprise and was renamed Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation. Following the Japanese colonial period, the plant transformed from using recycled silver grass and sugar cane waste pulping technology to a modern paper factory using chemical processes to manufacture white paper.

The plant primarily produced newsprint along with other specialty papers such as banknote paper, lottery paper, toilet paper, and wood-free paper. The factory was not only the largest in Taiwan, its production capacity was the largest in all of Southeast Asia.

In 2001, the paper factory ceased operations and closed its doors. Following a period of disuse, in 2014 the Yilan County Government finally took over. By preserving and revitalizing its industrial infrastructure, the former factory became a home for the creative and cultural industry, marking the rebirth of the old Chung Hsing Factory as a cultural incubator.

The Present and Future | Yilan, Nu-creators

Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park has grown in stages with four core areas of development, which include incubating talent, supporting the industry, artistic creation, and a makers’ space to create a complete cultural and creative zone.

Through the spirit of the Yilan Nu-creators brand, the park will continue to launch annual special exhibitions, provide a stage for new talent, promote audio and video artistry, and hold group tours of the old factory site. The public can not only walk through and enjoy the Park’s unique historical atmosphere, but also rediscover and experience cultural innovation and a new vitality through artistic creation!


  • Service Desk consulting services
  • Park introduction, activity fliers
  • Broadcast services to locate lost items (people)
  • Lost and found (lost property notices)
  • Water fountain
  • First aid kit, automated external defibrillator
  • Lockers
  • Phone charging station
  • Nursing room
  • Wheelchair, stroller lending (Free of charge with government-issued ID left as guaranty)